Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History – Infographic

Sports betting is the act and practice of betting on the outcome or prediction of sporting events. The game’s culture may affect the number and type of bets made. However, the excitement was not dampened by gambling—people’s anticipation of winning rose, as did their excitement.


The history of sports betting began in the early 1900s, with horseracing as the primary competition in this industry. Howbeit, competitive ventures became more known to the masses in 1919 with The Black Sox scandal. Eight Chicago White Sox baseball players purposely lost the World Series. Arnold Rothstein, their owner, bribed the players with $10,000. The scandal affected the reputation and credibility of sports betting. Many believed that professional sports gambling could compromise the integrity of rivalries. The good thing is that public opinion about sports gambling has improved in the wake of recent events.


In 1992, the U.S. Supreme Court revoked the Professional Sports Protection Act. This ruling made sports betting more popular. The supervisory allowed anyone to bet on any sports and in every country. The first NFL match was broadcast on television in 1993. It helped the business flourish more through the masses.

The popularity of sports gambling grew, and casinos opened. It enabled numerous sports such as basketball and American football to be viewed in the United States. Horse racing was also permitted.

Even though many countries have banned professional gaming, this does not have a massive effect on the industry—many available entertainment options made betting possible and enjoyable for the masses. Thanks to all modern technology which made this possible and allowed online gambling.


In today’s generation, it is already possible for those living in states where sports gambling is illegal because there are numerous online gambling Malaysia websites that are available for everybody. Now that you know the history of sports betting, why not look deeper into the reasons for its success and popularity?

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Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History