Common Trailer Parts You Should Know

Your trailer is a valuable vehicle. Many people use trailers to transport goods and increase storage space. They also have several benefits like versatility, flexibility, and ease of use. 

Yet, you cannot utilise your trailer without first getting familiar with its parts. Knowing the standard trailer accessories and parts will allow you to understand better how these things work so you can make the necessary repairs when they malfunction. 

Ball Mount

Ball mounts slip into the trailer hitch opening and provide a platform for the ball. You want your trailer to stay level while being towed. So, calculate the hitch size and select a ball mount appropriate for your trailer. 

Trailer Gas Struts

Gas struts help easily and smoothly open your trailer doors. Gas struts assist in opening doors, making them considerably simpler to open and stay open. If unsure about the required length of your gas struts, calculate your trailer door’s height and note the figure.


A coupling is a mechanical mechanism that links the trailer to the vehicle towing it. These can feature rapid detach and locking functions.

Safety Chains

Safety chains are fastened to the trailer’s front and towing vehicle’s rear. These accessories keep the two loosely connected if the coupler fails, giving you more time to pull over and repair it. 

Wiring Harness

It delivers signals and electricity to the trailer lights, which must be connected and operational by law. Many automobiles feature a T-one wire harness that connects directly to the wiring system. If not, use quick-splice connectors to hardwire it.


The axle is a shaft that conveys trailer weight and drives to the wheels. Unless the trailer is mass-produced or has independent or torsion-style suspension/axles, they are usually custom constructed to fit the trailer and its intended application.

Before purchasing a new axle, measure your old one before replacing it. Otherwise, you may encounter issues since the axle’s size controls where your tyres will sit.

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