Different Ways to Style Your Locs

There is something beautiful about exploring the versatility of natural hair by styling it for different looks. After all, an individual’s hair is the first noticeable part of one’s body. Whatever a person decides to do with it, it sets the tone for the entire look. 

If you want to style your locs, remember that it is a commitment. Locs can take years to grow naturally to a few hours if you prefer faux ones installed at a salon. Whatever your choice is, having it styled, simple, or cute, is an absolute must! Here are some of the ways to style your locs:

Crochet Locs

Crochet locs are a type of synthetic or faux loc that is an extension of natural hair. This style of locs is called crochet as it is installed with a crochet needle. Typically, crochet loc can be made by braiding the hair but options like Marley and water weave hair are preferred by many due to their waviness and texture. 


As its name suggests, this is an excellent option who wants to achieve dreadlock but do not like the bulk. This kind of locs can be done without formal training and is possible to get them at any size. However, the most common microlocs are done extremely small that is often so tiny it looks like braids rather than locs.

Butterfly locs

This type of locs is a messy boho version of a faux dreadlock with a distressed and unravelled look. Compared to synthetic locs, this is much heavier and is wrapped using the crochet method. People can also opt to have butterfly locs with color.


Many celebrities and social media influencers can be seen wearing this iconic style. Wick dreads is one of the thickest dreads people can get. Wicks resembles a candle as it stands up straight rather than falling over. The locs eventually hang downwards after it has grown longer. 

Ponytail Braid Styles

One simple way to style your locs is by opting for ponytail braid styles. Aside from protecting the hair, they can also maintain its health.

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