Equip your family car with good winter tires

non-studded tires


Most people agree that they do almost anything to ensure that their family is safe at all times. When you are driving during wintertime, the best way to ensure that they are safe is based on that you have a safe car, that you have proper winter tires mounted and that you drive responsibly. Most people think about the car, as that is a major decision when selecting which model to buy. They want to make sure that it is equipped with the right safety equipment and that it does well in crash tests. However, the tire selection is not done as carefully as the car selection. However, it doesn’t matter how good your car is if you have bad tires, as you are quite likely to have an accident.

To ensure that you and your family are safe, you need to select a good set of high-quality winter approved tires. For the winter tires, make sure that you do not go for anything else that quality. A good quality tire will have lower rolling resistance, which will lead to lower fuel costs. They will also have better wear resistance, so that they will last longer. Also, since they have been more rigorously tested, they tend to outperform the cheap tires when it comes to safety and driving performance. If there is a time that you need good tires, it is definitely during the challenging winter conditions.

When you select which winter tire to choose, you can choose between studded tires or non-studded tires. As the name indicates, the studded tires have studs; these studs are made from metal or ceramic material and help create extra friction between the tire and the surface. You will need this on icy surfaces to be able to control your car and to make sure that you reduce the braking distance to that you can effectively stop your car. The non-studded tires are made without studs and rely on the way that the tread is designed to create friction between the tire and the surface. They also tend to add crystal like particles to the tread, which increases the friction. Both options are approved for winter driving and will keep you safe on the roads. It is more a question of what surfaces you mainly drive on when you make your selection.

If your area exhibits more icy roads, then a studded tire is to be preferred due to its superiority on ice. These tires will give you the best grip on ice and tightly packed snow. If you mostly see roads without much ice, sanded or city roads, then you can choose a set of non-studded tires. Both are approved for winter driving, so both will perform well on any winter surface. The key is that you choose a high-quality winter approved tire and you will make sure that you and your family is safe while driving on winter roads.

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