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How to Choose the Best Hairstylist

It’s frustrating to find the perfect hairstylist for your dreadlocks. Just like searching for the right job, each stylist is unique, and it will take several trials and errors to find the one best suited for your taste. A great hairstylist can give fabulous butterfly locs with color, but a bad one could be a nightmare. Whether you’re moving on from the salon you have been seeing for a long time or had a bad experience; it will take a long time before you finally end up in the care of the most capable loc hairstylist.

We wouldn’t want you to get stressed figuring out what to look for in a hairstylist, so we put together this basic guide to help you with your salon search.

Ask Around

Recommendations from friends and family are the quickest way to get in touch with reputable hairstylists. They have first-hand experience that can hint at just how good – or bad – that loctician may be. Besides that, social media has proven effective when searching for a hairstylist. Reviews and customer feedback found on their official social media pages will tell you if you can trust the stylist or not.

Book a Consultation

Once you’ve decided on a stylist, don’t risk experimenting with their skills. It is advisable to book a consultation appointment with the salon beforehand. You will be able to get to know the stylist during a consultation and discuss your preferences regarding your hair. Consultations are also an opportunity to see if they have the style you want, such as ponytail braid styles.

Check their Credentials

You wouldn’t want an amateur to ruin your day with a bad hairstyle. Professional stylists have years of experience in styling and maintaining locs. Most will possess certifications, training, and other credentials, so ask them if they have any. 

Trust your Instinct

Of course, credentials aren’t the only way to know if you will work with a great hairstylist for your dreadlocks. If you don’t feel comfortable with the stylist, if they don’t seem to be listening to your feedback, or if they don’t appear to care, then it’s best to keep going and look for someone better. Remember to be upfront when you’re planning on leaving since some salons may charge you for the time.

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