Importance of Getting Your Tesla Tinted

Importance of Getting Your Tesla Tinted

Getting your Tesla window tinted is not an easy process, but it can dramatically improve your car’s appearance. A professional installer can provide you with a professional finish that will make your vehicle look as sleek as possible. This is particularly important if you have children.

It is essential to find certified window tint installers in your area to ensure that it will improve the look of your Tesla and provide you with the following benefits.

First Line Defense to Sun Rays 

One of the most popular reasons to install window film in your Tesla is to protect it from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. The tint will help to keep your interior temperature lower by 60%. This will prevent the interior from getting damaged by the sun’s rays, which can cause cancer.

Serves As a Shade to For Your Eyes

Window tinting will allow you to enjoy the outside view while protecting your eyesight from the harmful effects of the sun. It will also reduce the temptation for thieves to break through the windows and steal valuables.

Better Air Conditioning

Aside from looking great, getting your Tesla tinted can improve the efficiency of your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Not only does a window-tinting job prevent heat from entering the cabin, but it also reduces glare. The interior of your car will be more relaxed, and you’ll be less likely to spend time trying to charge it, reducing battery drain and extending your battery’s life.

Provides Protection for Interior Parts

It can also protect the interior from the damage that the sun can cause to interior materials. It can also make the interior of your Tesla more comfortable, making it more energy efficient.


Getting your Tesla window tinted will improve its performance in many ways. It will protect your Tesla from UV rays, and it will reduce your carbon footprint. The best option for tinting your Tesla is premium ceramic film. It is 99% UV and infrared rejection, providing superior protection. It’s also better for your car’s performance than other kinds of window tints.

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