black kitchen design in california

Kitchen Remodeling with Matte Black

Selecting traditional, transitional, or contemporary designs is among the most common homeowners’ most common dilemmas when planning a kitchen remodeling project. Paying attention to the kitchen’s style is essential. It helps create a sense of aesthetic, defining the room’s entire space and making it unique and distinguishable from other houses.


Furthermore, color plays a significant role in establishing the kitchen’s design, style, and layout. Some homeowners often use white as their room’s base color as it shows timeless appearance and elegance. Meanwhile, others choose black for their kitchens, producing a minimalistic and modern look for their space.


Incorporating black in the kitchen’s design may pose some challenges, such as making the space look small or having a kitchen with little to no natural light. Accordingly, homeowners hire companies offering kitchen remodeling in Lake Forest to solve these obstacles and make a black kitchen work for their homes.


With strategic mixing and matching matte black kitchen units and areas, homeowners can create a kitchen space with a classy, elegant, and upscale look. Besides selecting the right style and design for the lighting, hardware, counters, and appliances for a black kitchen, homeowners also need to consider restyling their kitchen cabinets.


Businesses that provide refacing and repainting services for kitchen cabinet in Anaheim can help produce stunning, sleek matte black cabinets for the kitchen space. Accordingly, matte black cabinets can add a level of sophistication to the room, especially when paired with steel appliances and marble or butcher’s counter.  


Minimalistic home designs have become one of the hottest trends for many homeowners in this modern era. Consequently, using matte black on select kitchen units and areas is a popular choice for creating a subtle and natural appearance for the whole space. For more information, see this infographic by Mr. Cabinet Care.

Kitchen Remodeling with Matte Black – Infographic