New tires improve the safety

winter and snow tires

By changing to new tires, regardless of season, you tend to improve the safety of your vehicle. New tires have the advantage that they have good tread depth. This gives them excellent grip, braking distance and performance. They are also able to prevent both hydroplaning during wet conditions and slushplaning when you have wet and melting snow.

With new tires, you also get the latest innovations. There has been a lot for winter and snow tires for both the studded tires and the non-studded winter tires. The studs have improved, and the placement has also become more designed to improve the grip when turning and changing lanes.

For all-season tires, there are now tires that are aramid-reinforced and are able to have a warranty for pothole damages or other road damages. This means that they have become much more durable. If you look for premium tires when you are looking for new tires, you will get tires that have been improved over the years. Tires with low rolling resistance are preferred as that impacts fuel efficiency, tire wear, and environmental impact.

It is very important that you maximize the grip for winter tires, as that is what will help you stay safe as you drive in challenging winter conditions. A wrong tire decision can become costly. Don’t try to save some dollars when you purchase winter tires, as it won’t pay off, and it can become very expensive.

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