Nokian Rockproof

SUV All-season tires

If you are looking for some real heavy-duty SUV tires for some serious off-road driving, then you have the Nokian Rockproof. These offer extreme durability it you have to do work in very aggressive areas with lots of sharp objects or if you are just out driving in harsh off-road conditions, these tires are as tough as it gets for light trucks or SUVs. So, if you are looking for light truck tires or new SUV all-season tires, then these might be your next choice of tires.

Their ruggedness makes them look very cool and you will not have to worry about where you drive with these tires. They are however all-season tires, so they are not intended for winter use, where you would need SUV winter tires. Even though they look like they can handle any type of driving conditions, they are not designed for snow and ice. They are designed for sharp rocks and mining conditions, that will constantly cause abrasion to your tires, that they can withstand. Low temperatures cause the rubber compound to get hard, which is why they are not good to use then especially back on normal roads.

They come with Aramid-reinforced sidewalls, the same material that is used in bullet proof vests that protects the sides from sharp rocks and objects, so that you are not left stranded with a flat tire. These tires work just as well within quarries and mining workplaces as for those who really enjoy some serious off-road driving and don’t want to worry about if the tires can handle the tough terrain. These tires will ensure that you have long trouble-free service life so that you don’t have to worry about downtime and getting stranded far away from home because the tires couldn’t handle the driving terrain.

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