Premier League 2021-22: Top 10 Players to Watch Out For

The modern origins of football in England started more than a hundred years ago, in 1863. Back then, rugby football and association football were the same things, but they went on their separate ways later on. By this time, the Football Association was established and became the first official governing body for the said sport.


Given the history of this game, it is understandable how it garnered fans worldwide. Singapore sports bet for football has also been prominent ever since. And now that the Premier League season has already started in August 2021 and will proceed through May 2022, most fans have been nothing but excited. With approximately over 20 teams competing in 380 matches for honour and championship title, this league has been arguably the most anticipated tournament in the world.


Fans, bettors, and spectators are not only watching to see which team will rise to victory and claim the championship trophy, but they are also anticipating and predicting which player will bring massive contributions to their teams.


With that being said, people are now starting to list down names of players whom they think will rise above the rest and place their bets. Bettors can easily gamble and risk their stake for their favourite team and players through the best online betting site in Singapore.


One name that is included in the list is Kai Havertz of Chelsea Football Club. Havertz plays as an attacking midfielder and has been notably involved in 9 of the goals Chelsea has scored. With the history of his plays, the midfielder has proven that he is an energy powerhouse who can lead his team to victory this season.


Another name that has been mentioned is Mason Greenwood from Manchester United. Greenwood is Manchester United’s long-term first-choice forward. Despite his young age of 20, he has already played for over 100 matches. This powerhouse guy had scored 29 goals and 10 assists just when he debuted when he was 17. With all his impressive statistics, it is clear that Greenwood is a natural finisher and is truly an excellent player.


Apart from these two whiz players, other names have also been consistent in the list of players you should watch out for. This is why, if you are a constant participant in sports betting, you should check this infographic by 88ProBet so you can check the names of the said players.