Premium winter tires are needed for ultimate safety

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When it comes to winter tires it is something you really need if you drive in harsh winter conditions. You can manage with winter approved all-weather tires, but not all-season tires. The winter tires will be your best choice if you have a long enough winter that it makes sense to change tires between the seasons. If not, you can then choose all-weather tires as long as they are winter approved and that they have the severe service emblem. Make sure that you select premium tires, so you can reap the benefits of the latest tire technologies to improve the grip under these difficult circumstances.

When you purchase tires that aren’t of the premium quality, you can’t expect to have the best grip. If you have studded tires, they will at least be able to utilize the grip of the studs, but how well are the studs fastened into the tread and how many will you lose over time? You never know, but for sure it will be more than you would on premium quality tires. For non-studded tires, that have to rely on the latest within tire technologies to create grip on ice, by using an optimal compound, sipes and tread design, you will for sure not have the same optimal combination and most likely quite bad grip in comparison.

The only way to combat the challenges that winter brings is to have premium winter tires. Premium tires will in addition to have the best properties, will also have the lowest rolling resistance which leads to lower wear and fuel consumption. This means that you probably quite quickly can regain the extra money you spend on purchasing premium tires. This means better safety for a lower overall cost. This tends to be the best situation you can achieve, to get more for less.

With premium tires you will have the best grip on snow and ice, so that you can be in control and drive safely regardless if you have to do lane changes, accelerate or have to make quick stops. The choice of non-studded or studded tires becomes less of an important decision when you have to select between two premium options. You will have more flexibility with non-studded tires as there are no restriction for their use, except that they shouldn’t be used during the summer season as that is when you have your all-season tires. You can though travel to any state and drive on any highway with non-studded tires, which isn’t the case with studded tires.

The choice between studded or non-studded tires should be based on what is best for you and your vehicle. If you live in an area that is known for having very icy winters due to high humidity, then your best option might be studded tires. If you need the best flexibility then you are better off with non-studded tires.

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