Smart ways to improve your car’s performance for winter use

all-season tires

Proper premium tires will help to improve your car’s performance during the wintertime. Proper tires can be the difference between getting your car to stop and being in an accident. It can also be what keeps you on the road and not end up in the ditch. You need a good set of premium winter tires that can give you stability and control as you drive on snowy and icy roads. It is also not about just having the set of winter and snow tires; it is about making sure that you have them mounted on the car before the winter weather hits. It isn’t safe to drive with all-season tires in winter conditions, so you need to make sure that you change to winter approved tires before the snow arrives.

You only have the option to use winter approved tires if you plan to drive in winter conditions. Winter conditions include winter and snow tires, which are available as studded and non-studded options. The studded are not approved and available in all states and provinces. You also have the winter approved all-weather tire options, which are made for being used all year round and are designed to cope with both summer and winter weather conditions.

In addition to having good tires, it is also essential that you make sure that your car battery is in good condition and that it is fully loaded. Starting the car during very cold days will require more power from your battery than during a warm day. So if your battery is not in good condition, you might end up with a dead battery and will need someone to come and help you get it started with starting cables.

To avoid that the fluids in the car will not freeze, you need to make sure that you have antifreeze in them. Even the gasoline will do well with some alcohol-based fuel antifreeze. The windshield wiper fluid also needs antifreeze to ensure that you can clean your windows even during the winter. It is a very important part of winter driving to have good visibility since the salt on the roads will often make the roads wet, and when you drive, the windshield will get very dirty.

Make sure to check the car’s condition before the winter arrives, as a proper car service will ensure that your car is in good condition and ready for the winter challenges. It is good to check all the key parts like shock absorbers, brakes and lights to ensure that everything is up to date. Check also the tires to make sure that you have more than 5/32 inches of tread depth. The tire pressure should also be checked to ensure that you have sufficient pressure on your tires. The pressure decreases with decreasing temperature, so if you have a big temperature drop, it is good to recheck the pressure; otherwise, check it at least every month when you stop for gasoline.

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