Some tire differences

225/50R17 winter tires

Even though tires might look the same, you definitely have some major differences between the tires. You can clearly see the dimension differences between the different vehicles, that SUV tires have a much larger dimension than passenger tires.  You have 265/75R16 winter tires that will be larger than 225/50R17 winter tires; this you can see. It will be more difficult to see what winter tires are made, especially for electric vehicles.

When you have studded tires as winter and snow tires, then you can often see the difference, but seeing a difference between winter and all-season tires, especially if you are not skilled, is difficult. Then, of course, you have the all-weather tires that are hybrid tires and combine the tread from all-season and winter tires to handle the whole weather and temperature spectrum.

When you walk into a tire shop, it will be very difficult to see much of the difference and therefore make a good tire selection unless you have done your homework or a salesperson who is well informed about the tires that are best for your vehicle. The problem with going fully on what the salespersons views is that he might have some bonuses that incentivize him to recommend one tire over another. Therefore, I would recommend reading about the different tires and what tires are winning the best tires in tire tests for the tires category you are looking for. This will always be the best way to shop for tires.

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