Telehealth Etiquette: Best Practices for Virtual Visits/Telehealth Visit

There are many Best Practices for Virtual Visits/Telehealth visits in practice, and I often find that when my practice is out on limb, or I am not sure what I am doing, I am not as efficient as I could be in other areas of my practice management. And so I’m always looking for a way to improve and get more value from the things that I am doing and the tools that I have. One area that I’ve really had issues with, and wish I were better served by, are the Best Practices for Virtual Visits/Telehealth visits – and how I can make them better. When I first considered telemedicine and my practice’s ability to serve clients through this method of care delivery, I thought that it would be one of the most important things that we could do in our practice.

We already have a quality management system that we use to track everything – appointments, orders, quality metrics, etc. The thought of sending patients and their family home, even if they don’t have an appointment for a specific day, was also appealing to me. However, once I actually started implementing this into our practice management system, it became clear that there were some inherent problems with it, that we weren’t really catching on to at all. It turned out that our practice didn’t feel like we had the full understanding of the impact that Best Practices for Virtual Visits/Telehealth visits had on our ability to serve our clients in a way that was efficient and appropriate for each individual patient, as well as the various concerns that they might have.

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