The Top Reasons for Pedestrian Accidents

The Top Reasons for Pedestrian Accidents

The warm weather in California has been one of the biggest reasons why people like to walk. This is very common, especially when going to nearby places. Walking is a great way to exercise, but it is not always safe. Abogados de accidentes automovilisticos in Buena Park are well aware of the increasing number of pedestrian accidents throughout the past few years, and they are doing their best to inform pedestrians of their rights.

Seventy thousand pedestrians get injured, and more than four thousand die in car accidents each year. It is true that drivers are responsible for a part of these numbers, but most pedestrian accidents happen because of pedestrian actions. One of the most notable reasons is the improper use of the road. Pedestrians need to know when they should cross the streets. Unmarked crosswalks and left turns can also lead to pedestrian accidents. Drivers should be aware of the intersections and the people crossing the street.

Pedestrians need to pay attention to where they are going. Electronic devices, such as phones or tablets contribute to the number of pedestrian accidents each year. The no texting rule should be implemented for pedestrians as well. Most pedestrian accidents happen at night that is why it is advised for people going out at night or on weekends to not wear dark clothes. They are harder to see in the dark.

Alcohol is undoubtedly a contributor to pedestrian accidents. However, these do not only apply to drivers. Most fatally injured pedestrians have blood alcohol concentrations of at least 0.8 percent. Lastly, highways have been one of the top reasons for pedestrian accidents. If you or someone that you know ever gets involved in an accident, be sure to contact Abogados de accidentes automovilisticos in Fullerton. They can help you deal with your case and file a negligence claim.

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