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Top Pitfalls of Mobile Archiving

Probably the top pitfalls of mobile archiving for a regulated industry like the financial industry would be the inability to recover important data, such as voice calls. If a business is shutting down, there is usually nothing that can be done with the phone and data files on them. If the business is going bankrupt, even trying to retrieve data from one of the mobile devices is virtually impossible. In either situation, there are other options available. Software solutions, network attached storage (NAS), enterprise-level storage and the new cloud-based services can help your business stay ahead of the regulatory and compliance landscape, while still delivering your messages in a way that the consumers want and need.

Whether your business needs or offers mobile text messaging, the need for a reliable, cost-effective mobile text archiving strategy cannot be overstated. Businesses that have not invested in this solution are at risk of losing hundreds of millions of text messages from their customer database. The free service provides end-to-end mobile text message archiving for businesses of all sizes, but businesses using other programs will incur significantly higher expenses and will require more user training.

If your business uses any of the several messaging applications, you should be certain that your data is protected both online and off. In order to be completely secure, your business should engage in a mobile phone backup management plan. The security of your data is one of the most important reasons to invest in business text archiving software, as hackers will easily be able to access and extract the information contained in your database and use it for their own purposes.

Over-The-Speed Application When your business is already using multiple mobile phones and/or internet connections, you may experience an increase in email traffic, as well as an increase in spam. There is also a possibility of losing messages due to over-speed downloads, connection problems, and signal drops. To prevent this, there are several laws which require cellular service providers to provide a minimum bandwidth limit on each individual line. If your business exceeds the required bandwidth, it may be forced into de-provisioning its network services, or even facing legal action. In addition, if your company has several android devices, it’s likely that these phones will also need extra bandwidth to send and receive messages.

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mobile archiving