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The year 2020 is the most difficult one considering this is the start of the first worldwide dispersion of the Corona Virus Disease 2019. The so-called virus is infectious because it has a bacterium that can impact a host’s respiratory system and can be transmitted through shared saliva, contact, cough, and sneezing.

Nonetheless, since all businesses require communication and social acquaintance, people are having difficulty continuing the workforce; notably, those who offer services through contact, such as spas, hair salons, etc. Thus, the contagion is easy to diffuse, considering people are anxious to earn and provide for their family’s daily needs.

With the snowballing fatalities COVID-19 is causing, the affected countries’ government established a home quarantine that eased their citizen’s weariness. People believed that the mass lockdown would only last for a couple of weeks. Nobody knew that it would take months. When people are beginning to have difficulties providing their daily necessities, authorities searched for another method to continue the workforce while lessening the casualties.

People want nothing more than to become free from debt and have no worries with finance. However, with the changes in money’s value and essentials’ prices, many are experiencing a hard time. There is no equity in financial income since numerous companies depend on individuals with the highest educational attainment.

These are the reasons why poverty has been a long-time predicament worldwide. Moreover, some individuals cannot afford to go through a pandemic since they do not have the income to survive a plague.

As a resolution, the government, altogether with the World Health Organization, carried out a Polymerase Chain Reaction or PCR Test to obtain a fit to fly COVID certificate in Southampton, a COVID-19 Test, and a Rapid Antigen Test to help identify those who have the virus and study its origin.

Nevertheless, what are the differences between the two examinations?

Indulge on the infographic below brought to you by Harley Medic International as the firm mentioned all the details explaining both the differences of the test: