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What Causes Elderly People to Fall

As stated in the statistics, over 30 percent of people aged 65 above are partaking minor or major injuries because of falling. Several old folks are even killed because of just a simple stumble that gave them fatal harm.

This saddening reality is occurring each year wherein every 11 seconds, there is an old folk who is being treated in the emergency room. On the contrary, every 19 minutes, there is an elder who dies because of falling.

Ever wonder why our elder people are experiencing this upsetting situation?

Sad to say, our grandparents are already physically and mentally weak. That them living alone is considered difficult and worrisome. Due to the fact that they already have a frail immune system, bones, and mental state.

That when you don’t visit them or even on simple things, they tend to think of gloomy thoughts. Causing them to become weaker.

This is the reason why several individuals are leaving them in a nursing home, also known as a retirement home. Most especially those who can’t take care of them because they are busy with work. Seeing that there are nurses and so-called caregivers who are working there to take care of the elders.

In any case, you are pondering about working in a nursing home, there are certain points that you must remember to avoid the elderly from falling.

Given that old folks must always have someone to look after to. No matter how they claim that they can do it on their own. You should always guide them regardless of them having the capability.

Euro-American Connections & Homecare has created and designed an infographic with all the things that cause elderly people to fall. You must be knowledgeable about this, so those unfortunate mishaps may be avoided.

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