What is Local SEO?

Google features a local search for users looking for products and services close to their area. Businesses can target these customers and work with internet marketing company NJ to plan a local SEO strategy. 

Local SEO optimizes a company’s website so that it can appear to local searchers in search engines. A business’s local online presence can include its official website and Google Business Profile or GBP listing.

GBP listing refers to the white box users can see when they search locally. The white box on a search engine page contains different local business names, addresses, and contact information.

Local SEO improves visibility in search results by providing a robust GBP listing and an official company website optimized for local searches. 

Some of the differences between local SEO and national or regular SEO  include competition and target audience. In local SEO, businesses aim to rank for relevant local searches, which has relatively low competition. In contrast to national SEO, local SEO might bring in a small number of prospective customers to a business due to the lower volume of people doing location-based searches.

 With national or regular SEO, businesses have opportunities to gain more customers since it can reach a broader range of audience. However, the competition includes other similar companies across the country. Gaining visibility is considerably more complex, and businesses would need to ramp up their efforts to rise above competitors. 

Another key difference between local and national SEO is how it optimizes web pages with search phrases. Local SEO involves optimizing web pages with local search phrases that focus on specific geographic locations.

The tools used for finding local and national keywords may also be different. Local SEO professionals may use Google Maps, local directors, and regular keyword research tools when looking for relevant keywords.

Small businesses targeting consumers near the area can benefit from local SEO. Moreover, companies that want to reach more people across the country can benefit by investing in both national SEO and local SEO. It helps them attract consumers in their vicinity and far from it.

Here is an infographic from Landau Consulting for more details about local SEO and SEO writing services NJ