What You Need to Know About Artificial Grass?

December 28, 2021 0 Comments

The price of synthetic turf is rising as natural grass costs rise. However, it does not mean that an individual should give up on fake grass. It still covers many benefits. Artificial grass is beautiful and helps individuals save money and water.

It is also available in areas with no natural grass-like playgrounds and homes surrounded by concrete. It is an eco-friendly option for natural grass. It can be used in various applications so that an individual can pick the one that best suits their daily needs.

Artificial grass is made up of blades connected by a stitch, joint or other means. The product gauge is the distance between rows and the length of the fibers. Both the panel and common are sections of the overall installation. The indicator determines the height of each blade and the grain the direction in which they grow. The artificial grass of higher quality will last for longer.

In the late 1960s, synthetic grass emerged and developed. David Chaney, North Carolina State University’s dean, and his Research Triangle Park research team, the largest artificial grass research center in the United States, were credited with the invention. It was first installed in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1964. It gained wide recognition in 1966. It featured longer fibers and granulated Rubber infills, making it more realistic for sports.

ChemGrasss was installed for the first time at the Moses Brown School, Providence, Rhode Island, in 1964. The Astrodome in Houston had synthetic turf installed in 1966. AstroTurf was later named after Astrodome’s creator. This product has been used at sporting venues for more than 50 years.

Artificial grass is a significant step forward in the industry. It provides a safe and green environment not solely for athletes, adults who need a break, and there is an artificial grass for school playground as well.

The infographic below explains the many benefits of artificial grass created by Easy Turf:

artificial grass