When to Replace Your Trailer’s Jockey Wheels

Trailers are vehicles you attach to the back of a car for transportation purposes. At the area close to the hitch, you’ll see a component called the trailer jockey wheel, which plays a vital role in maintaining the stability and alignment of your trailer while manoeuvring your car. The jockey wheel lets your trailer move around when not attached to the towing vehicle.


Because of its purpose, jockey wheels are constantly exposed to impacts. Eventually, your jockey wheel may need replacing because of the damage it has sustained, but how do you know it needs to be changed?

Below, we gathered the potential signs your trailer’s jockey wheel needs to go:

Your Jockey Wheel is Bent

The purpose of a trailer jockey wheel is to maintain balance. Unfortunately, the way it is positioned and the weight it has to lift while enduring impact makes it prone to bending. A bent jockey wheel may affect its weight capacity. 

It is dangerous to leave your jockey wheel down during transit since this is when it is most prone to bumping into something. If the outer tube has run at high speed into a solid object, chances are, the outer and inner tubes are damaged. Bent jockey wheels are difficult to retract, so it is best to replace them.

Your Jockey Wheel is Rusted

The presence of rust on any metal component is never a good sign. Rust compromises the integrity of your jockey wheel and may lead to weakness that could make transit unstable. While you can sand away small spots of rust forming around the tube of your jockey wheel, if the entire component is covered, then it is best to look for a replacement. 

Your Jockey Wheel is Old

If your jockey wheel is old and overused, you should consider getting a new one. Old jockey wheels tend to be covered in rust and are substantially weakened by years of service. You should not wait until it breaks down completely; if you know the component has seen better days, it is best to have it retire.

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Jockey wheels support much weight. Aside from regular maintenance and responsible handling, one of the keys to prolonging the service life of your trailer’s jockey wheel is its overall quality. To get a high-quality replacement jockey wheel and other accessories like a trailer wheel clamp, visit Trailers 2000 Parts today.