3 Essential Factors to Consider Before Buying a Trailer

Moving cargo can be difficult without the right vehicle. Investing in a 6×4 trailer should help with most of your hauling needs, but is it as simple as walking into a dealership and asking for one?

Not all trailers are made equally. Some have specific purposes, load-carrying capacities, and other essential features that may or may not make the job easier. As a buyer, you must ensure you know which unit to get before heading to a trailer dealer.

If you are unsure how to determine the ideal trailer, here are three things to remember:

Factor 1: The Type of Load

The first thing to remember when selecting a trailer is to understand what load you need to transport. This can range from furniture to heavy construction equipment, some of which may not be suitable for some trailer models.

Many different kinds of trailers are designed to haul certain goods, such as plant, car, machinery, and golf buggy trailers. Getting a trailer specifically made to move the type of load you have will make the job easier, so be sure to keep your cargo type in mind.

Factor 2: The Size and Weight of the Load

Just because your chosen trailer is designed to lift heavy equipment does not mean it can carry all cargo of massive size and weight. Like any other vehicle, you need to know how big and heavy the items are you need to load into your trailer.

By determining the size and weight of your load, you can prevent overloading your trailer. It will also help you remain compliant with regulations and ensure your vehicle is safe from damage.

Additionally, correct trailer carrying capacity will ensure your vehicle performs efficiently.

Factor 3: The Towing Vehicle

Now that you have your load type and overall size and weight, you must determine whether your towing vehicle can pull the trailer.

Though your trailer can lift heavy cargo, your car might have trouble pulling the trailer’s combined mass and load. We recommend checkingthe gross vehicle mass (GVM) and the gross trailer mass (GTM) to ensure you do not strain your towing vehicle and expose yourself to risk.

The gross vehicle mass is the unit used to measure the weight of the loaded trailer and the weight of the towing vehicle itself. Meanwhile, the gross trailer mass refers to the total weight of the loaded trailer. GVM and GTM impact the pulling capacity of your towing trailer.

Top Grade Trailers for Your Application

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