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Wiring a 7 Pin Flat Plug with Electric Brakes

Whether you are a seasoned or first-time trailer owner, learning the fundamentals of wiring tasks is essential. Correctly wiring a 7-pin flat plug with an electric brake trailer axle is a crucial component of safe and efficient trailer operation. 

It ensures security on the road, prevents costly breakdowns, and maximises the functionality of your trailer, guaranteeing a smoother and more controlled towing experience. 

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to wire a 7 pin flat trailer plug with electric brakes:

1. Gather the Necessary Materials

The first step is to gather the necessary materials. This includes the 7-pin flat plug, a trailer wiring kit, wire strippers, electrical tape, and basic hand tools. 

2. Identify the Wires

Examine the wiring that connects to your trailer. They are often colour-coded as follows:

White: Ground/Earth

Brown: Running lights

Yellow: Left turn/brake

Green: Right turn/brake

Blue: Electric brake

Red: 12V power

Black: Auxiliary power (typically used for accessories)

3. Prepare the Wires

Carefully strip a small insulation section from the end of each wire using wire strippers. Ensure you do this for the trailer’s wires and the wires from the plug. 

4. Connect the Wires

  • Connect the white ground wire from your trailer to the white wire on the 7-pin flat plug.
  • Connect the brown wire (running lights) to the brown wire on the plug.
  • Join the yellow wire (left turn/brake) to its corresponding wire on the plug.
  • Link the green wire (right turn/brake) to the matching wire on the plug.
  • Wire the blue electric brake wire to the blue wire on the plug. Ensure this connection is secure, as it controls the electric brakes.

6. Secure and Insulate the Connections

After completing all the connections, apply electrical tape to insulate and maintain each one. This eliminates moisture and corrosion concerns while ensuring a long-lasting and stable wire configuration.

7. Test the Setup

Test your trailer’s electrical system before going on the road. Make sure that all the lights are working correctly, including the electric brakes. Consult the trailer’s user manual for specific brake controller setup instructions if required. 

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