All-weather tires offer a convenient, safe driving option

All-weather tires

The use of all-weather tires is on the rise; compared to all-season tires, you can use the all-season tires also during the winter season. This is more convenient as if you live in an area with occasional winter weather, you can continue driving safely. Here they improve the safety versus having all-season tires. Still, if you instead use dedicated winter tires, aka snow tires, you will have ultimate safety and performance during the winter season.

The key is to have the right tires for the right conditions. It is also important to have the right tires for your vehicle and your driving style. This means that you should have all-season tires for the warm seasons, and you should have winter tires for the cold period of the year. You need to have the correct dimension of tires that the vehicle manufacturer specifies. You will need to use tires indicated for high speeds if you have a sports car and possible tires that are indicated for off-road if you have a light truck or an SUV. You also need to equip your electric car or hybrid with tires that the manufacturer’s recommend for this use.

If you choose premium all-weather tires approved for winter use and carry the severe service emblem on the sidewall, they will be safe to use in winter conditions. They are, however, not the best solution for areas that have long and severe winters, as you are then better off changing to winter tires at the start of the winter season. The all-weather tires are a perfect alternative for areas with unpredictable weather where it isn’t convenient to manage with just one set of all-season tires or then changing between them and winter tires.

Combining the properties of winter and all-season tires into one set of tires isn’t as easy as you might think. They have to be able to provide safety and performance in all different weather conditions and adequate safety. Some tire manufacturers have successfully combined it into one tire by using different zones within the tread patterns to achieve a balanced safety. You should use the tires as intended and realize that a lot of the added safety comes from the convenience of not having to change tires to always have a tire that can handle the weather conditions.

You should still visit your tire dealer for a tire rotation, which you do to even out the wear between the front set of tires and the rear ones. Allowing a tire service station to do this for you will increase safety as they will be able to examine the tires and check them for uneven wear and damages to the tires. Tires that you use on electric vehicles need more frequent tire rotations.

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