How good are studded winter tires for an SUV?

SUV studded tires

It’s very important to invest in good winter tires, if you have a large and heavy vehicle like an SUV. It is very important to have good grip so that you don’t end up losing control and skidding down a steep slope if you drive in icy conditions. If you live in an area where they allow studded tires and you have very icy conditions, maybe due to living close to the sea or a large lake, the studded tires will give you the best grip.

Using SUV studded tires instead of SUV non-studded tires will give you a bit extra grip as the metal studs can dig into the ice to create good grip. You can otherwise end up in trouble if you have to drive on very icy streets or even experience some unexpected black ice. Losing control over a large SUV isn’t a pleasant experience so you always need to ensure that you have proper winter approved tires when you drive in winter conditions.

You should never try to drive with SUV all-season tires even though they might look suitable for winter conditions, but due to different rubber compound used in these tires, the tires will become hard and won’t be able to provide sufficient grip that you need for safe driving. The tread is also not optimized for snow, ice or slush, so you always have to make sure that the tires are approved for winter use before you drive in winter conditions.

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