Is There A Night Vision Window Film

Many types of window films are available to people who would like to enhance their home’s appearance. Window tinting is becoming a more popular method of sun control because it can help keep your house cooler during the summer and keep heat inside the house during the winter months. Tinting films have various degrees of filtering ability, but the best types are made of clear plastic that has an invisible ultraviolet (UV) coating on it. This type of film will stop most of the sun’s harmful UV rays, which means that you won’t be harmed by the sun’s rays even if they do hit your windows.

Solar film is made of UV resistant plastic and has a thick plastic coating on it which blocks nearly all types of ultraviolet rays. The solar film will soak up any solar heat that is provided by the sun, so you won’t need to use any special heater to keep the room warm in the winter. If you wish to have a window film for decorative purposes, then you may also order glass film with a low UV coating. Most glass films will be custom made and can be stained in any color imaginable. Some films are clear enough to let sunlight through while still protecting you from the harmful UV rays of the sun, while others are much thicker and will completely block the sun.

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