The Benefit of the CBD Balm from Love CBD

When you visit any CBD shop in the UK, be it online or locally, you will come across a wide range of CBD products to choose from. One of the products that you can purchase is CBD balm.  This is a topical preparation that is infused with cannabidiol and is used for healing and soothing the skin.  Love CBD balm contains the highest quality broad spectrum CBD oil, shea butter cold compressed hemp seed oil as well as coconut oil with essential oils and other nutrients that naturally nourish, protect and moisturize every skin type.

So how does Love CBD balm work? When you apply it on your skin, it will almost never reach the bloodstream. This is why it is recommended for providing targeted relief to a specific area. The skin absorbs cannabinoids which interact with the receptors nearby.  The human skin is generally not very permeable. It blocks most of the substances to prevent them from penetrating the body and reaching the bloodstream.

Since the absorption rates of cannabinoids through your skin are very low, you have to apply the CBD balm generously for it to work. You need to apply enough of it so that it can break the dermal barrier to reach the bloodstream. If there is enough of it, your skin pores will absorb CBD and promote targeted healing.

When you purchase the balm from the Love CBD shop, there are various benefits that you will get from it. Apart from helping ease chronic pain by reducing inflammation, it can also help treat psoriasis, which is an autoimmune disease that is characterized by patches of abnormal skin. This balm can also help nourish and moisturize dry skin and soothe symptoms related to eczema.

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