Using SUV all-season tires all year round

all-season tires

As the summer is coming to an end you want to make sure your SUV is equipped with the best tires possible to also allow optimal performance during the fall, which can be very wet. Fall is often characterized by rain and strong winds throughout North America. This makes it important to ensure that you have good tires that can handle heavy rain and remain stable even in strong winds. New innovations for all-season tires have made them better equipped to handle all kinds of weather conditions throughout the year. Keeping in mind that all-season tires are not recommended for use in severe winter condition such as snow and ice. If you will drive in these conditions you will need to have tires that are approved for winter conditions. These include some winter approved all-weather tires as well as the range of dedicated winter tires, that can be either non-studded or studded. The studded tires might not be legal for use in all states or provinces, while the non-studded and all-weather tires are legal everywhere.

All-season tires are especially designed to offer safety, stability and performance while offering a luxurious driving experience throughout the warm parts of the year. The SUV all-season tires are made to support the heavier SUVs while maintaining excellent handling and stability, controlled driving comfort and safety in all seasons. With their “Aramid Sidewall technology” they are well equipped to handle rugged roads and even curbs, as their reinforced sidewall technology give increased protection against impact and cuts being made up of strong aramid fibers, making the tires virtually puncture proof.

SUV all-season tires are an excellent tire for driving in uncertain fall weather conditions and are rugged enough to even handle light  off road conditions, while you can opt for tires that are made to handle even heavy off-road conditions, for the ones that don’t spend all their time driving in cities or on tarmac. This is because with the tires virtually puncture proof potentially hazardous conditions like potholes, crushed stones and debris will no longer be of any danger.

All-season tires are a great option for all year-round driving including the fall. Which SUV all-season tires to choose depends on what kind of SUV you are driving and what kind of driving you intend to do. It should also be considered where you live as all-season tires are not ideal for severe winters. If you do reside in an area with severe winters, then the best choice would be to change into winter tires before the first snow fall. Even though the SUV all-season tires look rugged and have a name that would indicate that they can be used in all seasons even winter, the fact is that they are not for winter use and will need to be changed to tires that are approved for winter use. An SUV with all-season tires can be dangerous to drive due to its high weight and bad grip and wrong tread to deal with snow or ice.

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