What You Need to Know about the Container Imbalance and COVID-19

The global pandemic has made a huge impact on the world especially in the business sectors. Many businesses and companies have grappled their way through the lockdown only to survive. One of the many companies that were badly affected by COVID-19 pandemic is the logistics companies. The logistics companies have been impacted by the pandemic in terms of their daily operations, storage, flow of goods and movement or deliveries.

Because of this effect, not just the operations have been affected but it also disrupted the profit and jobs of many workers or employees. Many deliveries are delayed, late, and cancelled due to the lockdown protocols instructed and implemented by the government.

However, since fate really did make a move for some to realize that people need the logistics now more than ever. This industry plays an essential role in the manufacturing, transport and delivery of goods especially those products that are very essential in the people’s daily lives. Examples of these are food, medical equipment, test kits, and masks.

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And to know about the container imbalance and COVID-19, check this infographic.