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5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions

People with an endeavor to sell have always thought of promoting their products, whether through advertising, discounted pricing, and even personal selling, to entice buyers and best competitors.

Sales promotion is not a new concept. It is seen in various stores offering discounts, coupons, and price-off deals. All of which can naturally draw attention and stimulate consumer purchasing due to the sales force’s collective effort. It is a useful strategy helpful in an increase in sales.

In truth, sales promotion is so familiar, yet its basics have not changed since the beginning of commerce. However, the strategies and methods of various retail businesses have become more sophisticated over time, not to mention competitiveness between companies only increases.

It is a significant challenge to offer customers the incentive to buy, considering the competitors with similar services and businesses.

With the several types of sales promotions to consider, it is understandably stressful for many retailers seeking to maximize profit while thinking of an effective sales promotion, different from the rest of competitors.

Thankfully, SOLUM offers Newton, an innovative marketing tool capable of enhancing the execution of sales promotion. It is an electronic shelf label replacing the traditional retail shelf tags, which can improve the customary way of conducting sales promotion, removing the additional costs for printing and logistics of paper-based labels.

It allows agile changing of price and promos on one shelf and ensures that the pricing of products is correct, resulting in reduced wastage and margin protection.

Like how technology is revolutionizing various industries’ operations, it is an excellent idea to bring retail stores into the digital space. In doing so, not only does it improve in-store efficiency, but it can also improve productivity and freeing the time of employees to engage with customers.

Furthermore, Newton has features aside from displaying product labels, including the automatic cash register that can save customers from long queues in cashier lines.

Discover more features of SOLUM’s Newton for Sales Promotion from this infographic and leverage its benefits now.

5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions