Are your Roller Shutters Damaged? Here are the Signs you need to Replace them

Many indoor roller shutters are built with durable materials strong enough to sustain damage. But over time, wear will eventually render them unable to perform as efficiently as they did when first installed. Your shutters are paramount to keeping your home safe and comfortable, so you should consider checking them regularly for signs that they are becoming dysfunctional.


How can you tell if your existing roller shutter kitchen covers need to go? Check out the tell-tale signs below:

Visible Physical Damage

Do you notice any dents, cracks, or other visible damage to the slats and components of your roller shutters? They may require immediate repairs from a professional since those could compromise the integrity of your shutters.

Dents and cracks are usually caused by normal wear, improper use, or maltreatment. Often, damages indicate there has been an attempted forced break-in by an intruder.

Strange Noises

If you have an electric roller shutter, you should not ignore the loud sounds the motor may be producing. Abnormal noises such as clicking, grinding, or screeching mean the engine may not be faring well and needs maintenance repairs or a total replacement.

Poor Operability

Roller shutters are meant to be easy to use, particularly when closing and opening. 

If your shutters are having difficulty operating, such as slow movements or getting stuck, quickly have them repaired before the issue worsens. But if the repairs are not fixing the abnormalities with your roller shutters, you ought to have them replaced.

Frayed Cords

A broken or frayed cord for manual shutters will make operation much harder or impossible. Since you’ll need to pull a cord to open and close your shutters, keeping them in good condition is important. Broken cables usually require repairs.


Your roller shutters are intended to protect you from extreme sunlight and weather. However, these elements are often the first reason your shutters eventually break down. Discolouration or fading is often a sign of severe weather damage and may need a replacement, depending on where it is installed.

You can paint over the discoloured patches, but purchasing a new UV-resistant roller shutter is better for a longer lifespan and greater durability.

Replace your Old Roller Shutters with Higher-Quality Products

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