Even though flying is getting back to normal, the car might still be the safest option

all-weather tires

Regardless of if you are flying for business or pleasure, taking the car might be a more convenient option. Airports are becoming more of a hassle for many, due to the rigid restrictions and also the security checks. For people who don’t like to wear facemasks they are then more comfortable driving their own car where you don’t have to comply to any rules regarding wearing masks.

If you are going on vacation and you are able to fill up your car with people you might also save some money compared to flying. Depending on the distance you need to drive, it might be faster or slower, but at least you also have a lot of flexibility. You can stop anyplace along the way and you then have a car at your final destination without having to rent one. When it comes to flying nowadays you tend to have to be at the airport a long time before your flight and you tend to spend a lot of money getting to the airport, either by taxi or then parking. The prices at the airport for food and drinks are also inflated, so that it can quickly become quite expensive to have some food there.

Before you leave you will need to check that your car and your tires are in good condition. The car should be checked related to its safety features, where the lights, brakes and the oil is worth checking. It is good to also fill up with windshield wiper fluid. For the tires you should check the tread depth, to ensure that you are above 5/32 inches. The tire pressure should also be checked and inspect that the tires are free from visible damage. Don’t forget to also check your spare tire.

Check also that you have the correct tires for the season and for the area you plan to visit. If you are driving now during the summer, you should have all-season tires or then all-weather tires. With the all-weather tires, you can even visit areas that have winter conditions. This is great if you want to combine some skiing with some visit at the beach, without having to worry about driving safety.

Planning your trip is important even if you want to have the possibility to be flexible and stop where you want. You want to avoid having to look at maps while you are driving, so at least every day of your journey you should try to fix the driving route and program the navigation system in the car, so you can rely on the instruction to get to where you want to be. Hotel bookings is also good to get out of the way so that you are guaranteed to have a place to sleep. With some good research you will also not miss any good places that are seaworthy along the way.

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