Low rolling resistance tires for hybrid and electric cars

All-season tires

Low rolling resistance tires for hybrid and electric cars. The reason low rolling resistance tires are a great choice for hybrid and electric cars is because low rolling resistance decreases the amount of energy needed for the car to travel forward. In the case of hybrid cars, it decreases the amount of fuel needed and in the case of electric cars it means the car can go further on each charge. Other things that play a role is weight, gravity and inertia, the amount of friction between the tires and the road surface, as well as air drag. This is the reason electric and hybrid cars are built to be aerodynamic and come out of the factory with low rolling resistance tires.

With the help of low rolling resistance tires hybrid and electric cars can save energy, reduce pollution and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Low rolling resistance tires can be considered an environmentally friendly tire and it has become a goal by all tire manufacturers to produce tires with low rolling resistance to follow the trend of environmental consciousness. The rolling resistance plays a role in fuel efficiency because rolling resistance burns about seven percent of the fuel while the car is on the freeway and with a low rolling resistance tire you can save about 6 percent on your overall fuel costs. In the case of electric cars, it allows them to travel further on each charge.

Tires like all-season tires have low rolling resistance due to their less aggressive tread pattern. Since all-season tires are not made for winter weather conditions and do not hold the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” emblem they are not required to have such an aggressive tread pattern. This in turn equals lower rolling resistance which helps make the car more environmentally friendly which is of course the reason many people invest in hybrid and electric cars.

Another thing that can affect gas mileage and energy consumption is the tire size. Generally, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended tire size for the make and model of your hybrid or electric car to assure the best performance and also the best fuel efficiency. Tire size can also play a role in rolling resistance with larger or wider tires increasing the rolling resistance.  If the recommended dimensions for your car are 265/70R16 then you would need to get 265/70R16 all-season tires. This allows you to make the most out of the performance of your car as well as maintaining fuel efficiency.

When buying tires for hybrid and electric cars or SUVs it is important to look for a low rolling resistance tire as these tires help make the hybrid or electric car even more environmentally friendly. It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended dimensions and to keep in mind that all-season tires are not recommended for use in severe winter weather.

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