The Catastrophic Winter Storm Roof Damages in Texas

The Winter Storm Uri had hit Texas back in February this year, affecting millions of people and causing widespread damages. The record-low temperatures and steady blizzard of snow and freezing rain also affected the neighboring state of Ohio, which has led to road closures and power blackouts. While the winter storm has passed, it is undeniable that its effects will continue to linger for some time.

These extreme winter weather conditions can also cause significant damages to one’s homes and commercial property. These winter storms can be awful for your house’s roof. When a frigid blast of a storm during the winter hit your home, your roof may sustain some damages like the following:

Wind damage

One winter storm damage can be caused by strong winds that range for over 35 pHs or more that can qualify as blizzard winds if it is continuous for a few hours. Strong winds can lead to damage on your roof as they can tear off any loose shingles, flashing, tiles, or slates. Holes can appear, which gives access to snow and rain, leading to interior damage.

Fallen Tree Branches

Strong winter storm winds can also be strong enough to tear down large tree limbs and branches. If any trees are close to your roof, tree branches can fall on them and sustain some damage to your roof’s structure. Additionally, any loose tiles could fall and get scraped.

When branches fall on your roof, it can also add more weight to other debris and snow that can pile on your top during winter storms. As time goes by, this extra weight can compound and add up, causing decay and water infiltration, especially with older roofs of houses.

Snow and Frozen Rain Buildup

Last February’s snowfall spread across Central and Southern Plains has produced record-breaking snowfall in prominent places such as Austin and Will Rogers Airport. By the time the winter storm ended, the snow from Winter Storm Uri had blanketed 73% of the area’s lower 48 states in the country.

Even though roofs are built to be sturdy fixtures of a house, there are still limits to the amount of piled ice and snow that they can handle over time. Snow and ice can quickly get heavy enough, causing roofs and entire structures of a house to collapse and sustain damages not only on the building of the house itself but also on one’s possessions and equipment inside.

Water Damage

Water damage caused by winter storms such as Winter Storm Uri mostly comes from the freezing temperatures leading to bursting pipes. However, it is not uncommon for roofs to have damage from extreme winter weather conditions.

If shingles have been ripped off from your house’s roof, it can create larger cracks or holes where water can quickly and easily enter your home. Water damage may not seem concerning unless there is water dripping from your house’s ceiling. However, it may appear in the form of brown stains on the ceiling or peeling paint on your walls.

It is essential to note that you should not underestimate water damage. Even minor cracks and water leaks can worsen if left unattended for too long, which might lead to you fishing out some money for costly repairs. Eventually, there might even be a need to replace your roof if things get worse.

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If you are looking for more information about the roof damages you can encounter from winter storms, here is an infographic by Fahey Roofing + Contracting.