What is an Asbestos Management Survey?

An asbestos management survey is a comprehensive evaluation of a property or building that helps identify potentially dangerous asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). This survey is the best way to determine if a structure consists of the mineral and how to manage it properly. 

If you are planning to conduct an asbestos management survey, the following information covers what you need to know to prepare for it:

The Importance of Asbestos Management Survey

Asbestos can be hazardous when inhaled or ingested. By identifying and managing asbestos-related risks, the survey can protect individuals from potential health complications that may lead to death. 

Furthermore, the asbestos management survey allows building managers to produce an asbestos register which can be used to track its locations within the building. This register can be used to notify employees and contractors of the presence of asbestos so that proper precautions can be taken while working.

How is the Asbestos Management Survey Conducted?

The survey involves a systematic and comprehensive visual inspection of all building areas, including hidden or inaccessible spaces. The surveyor will then note potential ACM areas and take small samples for lab analysis. 

The asbestos inspector must request asbestos reports from the laboratory that contains the following:

  • Sample analysis results
  • Date of the analysis
  • Name and signature of the person who performed the analysis

Materials suspected of containing asbestos are subject to risk assessments. This calculates the likelihood of these materials releasing fibres when disturbed, allowing for the development of an effective asbestos management plan.

All areas where general maintenance activities are expected during this survey are inspected. 

When evidence is gathered, the surveyor will compile a report detailing the findings and recommendations for asbestos management. This includes the recommended actions to manage them and advice on ongoing monitoring. It will also provide health and safety guidelines for those exposed to asbestos. 

Ultimately, your asbestos management survey may include some invasive work and disturbance, but it will not cause significant damage to your property.

Manage and Control Asbestos in Your Building 

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